Hello and welcome to Swift Brush Studios!​

     Here at Swift Brush Studios, my goal is to offer the best and most professional service possible to all types of modeling enthusiasts. Swift Brush Studios is  a commissioned-based painting studio, here to conquer any and all of your model painting needs. I paint everything, from wargaming miniatures and terrain to large scale models. I can accomodate everything from a single display model to entire armies. Offering a wide range of painting 'Tiers' in order to meet with any and everyones bugdet and vision. I work with you through the entire process in order to ensure you get just what you're looking for!
     I started painting miniatures in 1999 and have continued to explore and expand this interest since then. I have won multiple awards, including 'Best Painted' armies at tournaments and individual display pieces in model painting competitions. I look forward to working with you!

Nicholas  Pasch

Model Painting Service